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ip networks for cctv

About Hygrinet

CCTV is changing. Legacy installations are due for replacement and CCTV users are faced with the task of managing the switch from their end-of-support analogue installations to modern, IP based solutions.

Appropriate network design is critical to the performance and security of any IP video system residing on its surface. This basic tenet is often overlooked, leading to simple network infrastructure simply being extended to provide connectivity for new systems rather than being redesigned for the new, more complex, task in hand. This creates network implementations which are lossy, difficult to manage and are susceptible to malicious access.

Hygrinet is based in Southampton, England and leverages years of engineering experience to provide network design, security and troubleshooting services to CCTV users enabling them to safely make the transition from classical coaxial installations to high performance, secure modern systems.

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